• Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti (with cream cheese)
    A hearty slow cooker comfort food that brings chicken, tomatoes and spaghetti together in a creamy and cheesy white sauce. Perfect for a quick family dinner on a busy day!
  • Best Sourdough Discard Pizza Crust (with active dry yeast)
    This quick and easy sourdough discard pizza dough makes a crust that is bubbly, has crisp edges and a beautifully chewy texture! This pizza dough is simply the best way to use up sourdough discard and is my go-to pizza crust recipe.
  • Sheet Pan Monster Cookie Bars (Flourless/Gluten Free)
    These flourless, big batch monster cookie bars are popular with kids and adults alike! The tasty combination of peanut butter, chocolate chunks, M&Ms and oats makes a “monstrously” good bar, perfect for serving friends and family, or for freezing to put into lunches.
  • Sourdough Discard Naan with Garlic Butter Topping
    This soft and chewy naan flatbread is a must try at home. The taste of freshly baked naan certainly rivals store bought flat breads, plus this soft and chewy flat bread is super easy to make from scratch!

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