• Amish Browned Butter Chicken
    An old family favorite using seasoned chicken breasts fried in browned butter. A delicious topping for fettuccini alfredo, mashed potatoes and more!
  • Amish Fresh Strawberry Pie
    This fresh strawberry pie is easy to make and has a most delicious strawberry flavor. A great way to use up fresh strawberries for a tasty summer treat everyone can enjoy!
  • Easy Homemade Alfredo Sauce (without heavy cream)
    This easy alfredo sauce is smooth and creamy with a delicious parmesan and garlic flavor! The perfect sauce to serve over fettuccini noodles, or for dipping breadsticks into, etc.
  • Amish Strawberry Oatmeal Bars (with crumb topping)
    These delicious strawberry oatmeal bars are easy to compile and one of the best ways to use up fresh strawberries in the summer months!

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This Mom Cooks features Amish and Mennonite recipes (from my background) that have been tested and simplified, to make your kitchen experience less stressful and more fun!

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