Easy Homemade Cold Brew

This Recipe for delicious and refreshing homemade cold brew is a general guide with tips based on how I make my daily iced Lattes. Feel free to adjust the amounts to fit your taste, because we are all uniquely created with unique tastes!

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For the Cold brew:

  • 1 cup Medium Ground, Medium-dark roast coffee *See Note on this below.
  • 4 cups cold water (I suggest using distilled water-to preserve the coffee flavor unless you are in an area with good quality water).
  1. Grind your coffee beans to medium, or you can use medium ground beans meant for a drip coffee machine (fresh is always best though in my opinion). See Below for using the cold brew sieve method.
  2. Pour your ground coffee into a large 4-8 cup French press, then slowly pour in one to two cups water and allow the coffee to bloom for a few minutes. Add the remaining water, then give the coffee mixture a stir using a wooden or plastic spoon.
  3. Transfer the cold brew to the refrigerator and allow it to brew for 18-24 hours (I generally do 24 hours for maximum extraction). After it has brewed, press it using the French press and pour it into a glass quart jar. The cold brew concentrate can be kept for a week or two in the refrigerator. For maximum freshness you can make a fresh batch every 5-7 days.
  4. If you do not have a French press, you can also make your cold brew in a quart jar, then cover it with a lid and refrigerate for the same amount of time. To filter the concentrate, place a fine coffee filter, or cheese cloth over another quart jar, then slowly pour the concentrate over top, allowing the cold brew to separate from the grounds.

Note* My Husband firmly believes in using medium grind coffee for cold brew when using the French press method, “the finer the grind the higher the extraction.” The cold brew I have been using has a delicious, smooth coffee flavor and we use the medium ground method. However if you are using a cold brew drip sieve, cheese cloth, or a fine coffee filter, you may need to use a coarser grind for a faster drip. The finer the grind-the slower the drip will be using those methods.

You can use your favorite coffee beans in the recipe, but may need to adjust the amount of water you add for different roasts.

To Make an Iced cold brew or Iced Latte:

  • 1/2-2/3 cups cold brew concentrate
  • 1 cup water or whole milk (your favorite milk alternative, Low-fat milk etc. also works).
  • Ice cubes
  • See Below for Cold brew Ice Cubes– I highly suggest using coffee ice cubes to keep your coffee from diluting if you are a busy Momma (or a busy Person in general) and can’t drink your coffee in one big gulp. 🙂

Add Ice cubes and milk for iced lattes, or water for iced cold brew to your favorite cup, then pour cold brew concentrate over top. If you like flavored iced Lattes, here are some of my favorite syrup combinations:

  1. 1 pump Hazelnut and 1 pump Chocolate syrup (Hazelnut Mocha).
  2. 1 pump Irish cream and 1 pump hazelnut syrup (Nutty Irishman).
  3. 1 pump Ginger bread cookie, 1/2 pump Hazelnut and 1 pump white chocolate syrup.
  4. 1 pump Peppermint and 1 pump White chocolate syrup (peppermint white mocha).

To add flavored syrups I generally use 2 pumps (roughly 2 tablespoons), per 8 ounces. If you prefer a sweeter iced Latte or cold brew you can adjust the amount of syrup to preference.

My Husband faithfully orders my syrups from LollicupStore.com They have Lots of flavors to choose from and great prices!!

Cold Brew Ice cubes

  • 1/3 cup medium ground coffee (I prefer my ice cubes to be weaker than the concentrate as the cold brew concentrate is highly caffeinated).
  • 3 cups cold water

Use the same Method as the cold brew concentrate, then after 18-24 hours in the refrigerator you can pour the cold brew into ice cube trays. Freeze the cold brew cubes for several hours, then add to your Iced coffee drink of choice.

Enjoy and let me know your favorite coffee flavors in the comments below!

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