Cup Cheese ( Amish cheese spread.)

18 thoughts on “Cup Cheese ( Amish cheese spread.)”

    1. I’ve never used white Velveeta, but we typically use white American cheese or you can use yellow American cheese, which can be found at most Walmarts or supercenters.

  1. I am all about anything cheese! However I am curious about the water? I have made a similar cheese dip/sauce with milk but never heard of using water. What is the reason for water? I’m not trying to seem rude, I’m genuinely curious.

    1. My Aunt actually makes her cup cheese with milk too! I believe the results are very similar. And thanks for asking!

    1. Google suggested Gouda, as a substitute. I have never tried it so can’t tell you how it would work in the recipe but it’s worth a try!

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